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Impossible bouquet (2016)
Olfactory installation
Variable time and dimensions
Edition of 50

Impossible Bouquet consists in the composition of a perfume with 28 mono-fragrances of Jan Van Huysum’s flower.

This artwork escapes the mechanical insistence of the gaze, it’s the transposition of a painting into olfactory form.

Jan Van Huysum, Dutch painter, was born April 15th, 1652, in Amsterdam. He is one of the best still life painters of his own time for his ambitious compositions and for his attention to details.

His impressive compositions depict over 35 different types of flowers, autochthonous and not, which before modern cultivation techniques, would have never been seen together at the same time of year.

Jan Van Huysum painted his works over the course of one or two years as the flowers came into season.

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